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If you are reading this then you have found a home where Harry Styles fans from around the globe can come together. Follow friends and discover new ones!

How does this work?

When you sign up you are joining something called Mastodon. It's like Twitter, but made for small communities - such as a whole load of Harry Styles fans.

Signing up allows you to follow people, post videos, photos and text. You can send messages to people you want to speak to and mute or block those people you don't want to speak to.

Your Home tab shows new updates from people you follow. The Local tab shows updates from all user of the harrystyl.es website. And the Federated tab shows updates from the wider world.

Use #hashtags to discover new content and people.

If you want to learn more about Mastodon you can watch this YouTube video.

Who is @harry?

There are a few accounts you can follow when you sign up and one of them is @harry. You can mention @harry in your posts alongside other members of One Direction.


None of these accounts are really the person who they say they are. They are all owned by @theduck and you will be the first to know if that changes.

Who is @theduck?

The Duck is the admin and owner of the website. They have a real name, and that is @matt. You should follow @theduck for important announcements about the website. For personal updates, follow @matt.

If you have any problems, then send a message to @theduck and we'll try and sort it out within 24 hours.

Is this an official site?

No. The official website for Harry Styles is hstyles.co.uk but they don't have a way for all the fans to chat to each other. 

This page has no official deals with Harry Styles (the person), the management, or the record labels.

Code of Conduct

We want to make this place a happy place. So be nice to people. It's that simple. Treat people with kindness. And if someone isn't being nice, block them.

If you see someone doing or posting something they shouldn't, then use the report button. Here's some reasons to block or report someone:

  • No racism, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism, discrimination of any kind. It won't be tolerated. You will get warned or banned.
  • Use the Content Warnings feature. If you think you are posting something that might offend someone, or is NSFW, then use the CW feature. When uploading images or video, check the Sensitive Media checkbox to hide it behind a click.
  • No robots. We are people people here. If you want to launch a bot of some sort, go and do it at botsin.space
  • No advertising. Well, ok, a bit of self-promotion is okay. But if you start to flood the timeline or messages with spam, then you are going to get warnings or banned.
  • Post in any language you like. @theduck will most likely be making announcements in English, but you can post in any language.

Privacy & Security

Think about your username. You might not want to use your real name. Or maybe you do. And to keep your account safe and secure,  make sure you don't use a stupid password. Use one that nobody can guess - you can generate one on the internet.

Remember to not post anything online you wouldn't want someone to find. This means if you are posting selfies, or personal information - even in Direct Messages - the website or your account could get hacked. Be wise.  Share only what you are comfortable sharing.

If your account hasn't been reported for breaking the law, then nobody will be snooping through your messages. We don't track anything that you write about. We don't tell your information to advertisers.

Everything else.

If you have any other comments, questions, etc. then contact @theduck or email harrystyl.es@outlook.com