My dad commented that he saw @harry at The Brit Awards, and I quote, “Splashing around in water - getting his feet wet” 💦 🦶 🎤

@matt My fave hashtag is and my favourite user is @harry and my least fave is, for reasons I won't mention, @zayn. The user @stux is ok too. *qwack*

@theduck I listened to @harry just one time. Barely even that because the sound of the vacuum overpowered the radio. 📻 #harrystyles #fineline

Today I listened to @harry all day. None stop. Blah-blah-blah. Talk about a . What did you do?


I will obviously be at ALL of the shows around the world, telling @harry what to do.

But what shows are you going to?

What is your favourite release so far from the album?


Welcome to this brand new community. Hope you find some new and interesting people here.

Meanwhile, invite your friends:

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